I am a Canadian-Norwegian who has traveled and lived on both sides of the Atlantic. Combining a strong interest in philosophy, history and business, I have been publishing essays and book summaries on this website since 2014, sharing discoveries that I made on my journey through life.

In my professional life, I have mostly worked in business development and project finance roles. The possibility to contribute to strategies and innovations with a positive impact on human society has been a great source of motivation throughout my career. I enjoy working with the complex challenges facing new energy technologies.

Each step on this path had life-altering consequences. I met people who profoundly influenced me. I witnessed great successes, but also experienced many failures. All of this ignited a thirst to understand how humans and organizations work, and how they can become antifragile.

I aspire to be a lifelong learner, to be a thinker and doer, someone who continuously bridges theory and practice. I have a fascination with the nuts and bolts of organizations and societies. Rather than rooting for pretentious grand theories, I am more interested in understanding the smaller individual mechanisms behind things and the many interdependencies that add up to form complex and often unpredictable systems.

While doing so I try to maintain a pragmatic and non-academic approach. What I care about is to distill some practical wisdom for the reader. That is why I made this website: to share some of my personal discoveries, insights and thoughts with friendly minds. I hope you will find it to your liking.

— Ludvig